Japan - IP Phones certification (JATE)

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Japan - IP Phones certification (JATE)

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 21, 2012 12:44 pm

In the past, VoIP phones or Routers were considered leased line devices and certified under the "D" Category (D12-XXXXXXX).
IP phones or VoIP adapters connected exclusively behind a certified Router (no direct connection to the carrier) were not subject to certification.

Under the new scheme, proposed in March 2011 and currently endforced, VoIP phones or Routers are considered leased line and IP devices to be certified under the D and E Category. (DE12-XXXXXXX)
IP phones or VoIP adapters connected exclusively to a certified Router have to be certified under the E category. (E12-XXXXXXX)

More details here:



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